Madison seminar with Ms Lavin

We are happy to host Ms. Lavin for a two-day seminar in Madison, WI! 

Ms. Lavin was one of Sugiyama Sensei's senior students, and she is the current Technical Director of JKA Chicago. In addition to karate, she has experience in several other martial arts. The seminar will focus on improving fundamentals (kihon) and on kata bunkai, and introduction to Escrima.

In addition, we will have a women's self-defense session, open to all UW staff and students, and to the seminar participants. 

The training sessions are:

Saturday, 25 March

  • 10 am - noon: Karate raining
  • 1 pm - 3 pm : Karate training
  • 4 pm - 6 pm: Women's self-defense

Sunday, 26 March
  • 10 am - noon: Introduction to Escrima

The fee for one session is $30, for 2 or more, it is $50 ($40 for full-time students). The UW facilities are open to  adults 18 and over only.

Online registration is at https://mjkc.madcitykarate.com/seminar-sp23.html

Location: Spark Studio, Nicholas Recreation Center, 797 W Dayton St, Madison, WI 53706, USA

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