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The Madison Japanese Karate Club is one of the oldest Martial Arts clubs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It is sponsored by the Division of Recreation & Wellbeing, and it is a registered student organization.

Participation is open to all UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff. We start a new beginners class every semester, and for the 2022 Fall session it will start on Wednesday, September 28th. The classes take place MW 5-7 in room B101 at Lathrop Hall and Sa 10-noon in the Spark Room at the Nicholas Recreation Center. In addition to the in person training, we will continue to have the virtual format for the time being. All you need to participate in our workouts is some space in your apartment (enough for you to spin around with your arms open), comfortable clothes, and no shoes (as we practice barefoot)! Please make sure you follow the instructions in our weekly emails if you want to practice at the Nick.

We practice Traditional Karate in the Shotokan style. Instruction is given from the most basic level and increases in difficulty as the participants learn the techniques required to control their body and mind. All 3 traditional components of karate training (kata, kihon, and kumite) are taught at the dojo.

While the instruction centers on karate as a martial art, portions of the training involve self defense applications and karate as competitive sport. Our club regularly sends teams of men and women to regional and national competitions.

The Madison Japanese Karate Club is affiliated nationally with the American Amateur Karate Federation, and internationally with the World Traditional Karate-Do Federation. All ranking is done under their auspices.

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