Club Information

Instructors & Officers


Head Instructor: Vassil Peytchev. Head Instructor Sensei Vassil Peytchev
Instructor/Faculty Advisor: Professor Ben Marquez. Faculty advisor Professor Ben Marquez
Instructor: Sho Kawakami. Instructor Sho Kawakami.
Instructor: Yayuk Darjatmoko. Instructor Yayuk Darjatmoko.
Instructor: Trey Coury. Instructor Trey Coury.
Instructor: Peter Ferjancic. Instructor Peter Ferancic.


President: Claudia Rodriguez. Claudia joined the club in the spring of 2016. Club president: Claudia Rodriguez
Treasurer: Lauren Tatus. Lauren joined the club in the spring of 2016, and she is double majoring in Neurobiology and Spanish. Treasurer: Lauren Tatus
Event Coordinator: Natalia Spitha. Natalia joined the club in the Summer of 2016. She is a graduate student in Chemistry. Event coordinator Natalia Spitha
Social Coordinator: Xinyan Xu. Xinyan joined the club in the Spring of 2016. Social coordinator Xinyan Xu
Social Coordinator: Ruiqi Yin. Ruiqi joined the club in the Spring of 2016. Event coordinator Ruiqi Yin

If you have any questions for any of the instructors or officers, you may contact them by clicking on their photo.